Scenic Countryside Town of Concepcion

This is a small, off-the-beaten-track Kaqchiquel hamlet in the highlands near municipal capital of Solola. A wonderful place to take a stroll through the streets and pathways to get a taste of authentic, traditional village life. Located at 6,700 feet above sea level, this small village is located at the end of a nicely paved road which passes through breathtaking, vertigo-inducing scenery.
The village of Concepcion is situated in a small plateau perched high above the town of Panajachel and surrounded by lush mountains and vegetable fields which supply many of the area markets. Of particular interest is the perfectly
preserved 389 year old Catholic church (built in 1621).
Nearly four-century old, hand-painted murals and timber framed beams still adorn the interior of the church. I recommend going early in the morning to observe the farmers working in their fields, dressed in the brightly-colored outfits typical to the Solola area. (Please note: be sure to ask permission before taking photos of the local people)