a. Santa Catarina Palopo to lookout point in Aguas Escondidas (see Santa Catarina Palopo
section for directions). About a one and a half to two hour hike with great views of the
lake the entire way.

b. Santa Clara La Laguna to the Rostro de la Maya (45 minute hike to point high above NW
part of lake). See Santa Clara La Laguna for directions to get to Santa Clara La Laguna,
which is the starting point for this hike.

c. Santa Cruz La Laguna to San Pedro La Laguna This is an all day hike, however you can hike
to any of the five villages you will pass through along the way and hail a water taxi to take
you back to Pana or on to the next village.

d. San Pedro Volcano (see San Pedro La Laguna for directions)

e. Cloud Forest Hikes from Santiago Atitlan Choose from a variety of guided hikes
originating at the back of the bay between San Pedro and Toliman Volcanoes. Hike
through virgin cloud forest to the Xetuc Ridge and down the Pacific Slope through various
micro climates to see wild orchids, natural springs, and a myriad of tropical flora and
fauna. See http://www.funatlakeatitlan.com for more information